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Fuel level and flow measurement



Fuel management is in your hands

When it comes to the process of monitoring fuel consumption, it can be realized in several ways. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, the differences between them are in accuracy, price and the extent to which modifications are made to the vehicle.

All consumption measurement methods are compatible with the MobTrack:24 and are listed in order according to our recommendation.

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Fuel consumption data can be downloaded from the vehicle's CAN bus. In this way, other information can be obtained, such as fuel levels, speed, vehicle mileage, coolant temperature and others, which has a great advantage. Due to obtaining data on fuel consumption and levels through various sensors in the vehicle, it is possible to make a cross-check for greater accuracy.

Reading of this data is obtained by connecting to the wires that transmit data to and from the on-board computer in the vehicle, which makes the installation fast and the most non-invasive of all methods. Cost of equipment is significantly lower than other methods of measuring consumption. The disadvantage of this method is that it depends on the equipment installed in the vehicle, resolution and accuracy vary from model to model of vehicle, and since we only transmit data from the CAN bus, we cannot affect the quality of information. Also, data from the CAN bus is only obtained while the vehicle contact is given or the engine is started.

Fuel flow meter

By installing a fuel flow meter on the fuel supply and exhaust system in and out of the engine, fuel consumption data can be obtained. The accuracy of this solution is extremely high (> 99%) and the system is very durable in operation, so it is recommended in conditions where it is not possible to obtain data from the CAN bus.

The installation of the fuel flow meter implies intervention on connecting the fuel supply to the engine and the return of excess fuel back to the tank, which implies a violation of the factory condition of the vehicle, but in case of dismantling the equipment and the vehicle can be returned to factory condition.

Fuel level sensor

Fuel level sensor are installed in the vehicle's tank and fuel consumption can be obtained by monitoring the level change and the distance traveled. Although the sensors have a declared accuracy for moving vehicles >99%, this method of measuring fuel consumption is the most inaccurate because consumption is obtained through fuel levels, and fuel inaccuracies due to movement or tilting of vehicles introduce great inaccuracy in measuring fuel levels.
The good side is that it is easier to detect fuel thefts through a sharp drop in fuel levels. Since the installation of the sensor involves cutting the sensor to the measure of the tank and drilling the tank, this way of monitoring consumption is the most invasive, because the vehicle and the sensor cannot be returned to the factory condition.

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