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Rent a car

Efficient vehicle management, their higher utilization, possible reduction of the insurance rate as a consequence of reduced risks and maintaining the value of vehicles are important components in vehicle management with car rental companies. Maintaining the value of the vehicle is very important for the investor who is trying to get the maximum value for the vehicle that has been rented. The residual value of the vehicle is determined based on the way the vehicle was handled. Maintenance costs directly depend on the behavior of the driver/customer.

What the user gets?
  • safety of the rented vehicle
  • real time monitoring
  • defining the area where you can drive (eg. the territory of Serbia)
  • SMS notification when leaving this area
  • remote disabling of the next drive in case of theft
  • SMS message to the client, directly from the system
  • penalty payment to the client if he drives on unauthorized routes
  • charging a penalty to the client for aggressive driving behavior
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