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Location management (POI)

Manage routes and locations of interest yourself

Managing geo-locations, ie points of interest (POI) is one of the important functionalities of the MobTrack:24. Users have the ability to manage POIs within the MobTrack:24, access POIs via APIs, as well as more than 10 POI-based reports.

MobTrack: 24 Route Editor
is a tool that allows you to manage points of interest (POI), ie. their creation, deletion, editing, as well as route management, with the same set of functions. Each route can be checked (capacity, time, distance traveled,…), and it is possible to work with a large amount of data (without restrictions on the number of POIs and the number of routes). 

MobTrack:24 Route Optimizer tool can be successfully used to compare planned routes (driving routes) and optimal routes, as well as for route analysis (time, distance traveled, price).

More information



Editor / optimizer

Editing routes and route objects
Checking the optimal route order
Analysis and proposal of new routes


Corrected routes
Corrected route tour sequences
Proposal of new routes

Functionalities of Route Editor

  • POI management (create, delete, edit)
  • route management (create, delete, edit)
  • route check (capacity, time, distance traveled)
  • work with a large amount of data (no limit on the number of POIs and the number of routes)

Functionalities of Route Optimizer

  • comparison of the planned route (driving route) and the optimal route
  • route analysis (time, distance traveled, price)
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