When working in the fields, machines are moving very slowly and consume large amounts of fuel. Of great importance is also the knowledge of the working territory, since agricultural areas have no clearly marked borders. MobTrack:24 system gives users the option of defining the areas of interest on the map and monitor whether the machine is running out of that area or not. Every exit from predefined area is alarmed, so this is prevention of unnecessary fuel consumption and hours working in an area that is not of interest. An important feature of MobTrack 24 system is the ability to generate various reports regardsing driver work. One of them is the fuel consumption for each agricultural machine for any period of time. For each machine it is possible to get insight into the following information: distance traveled, a period of inactivity, fuel consumption in the period of inactivity and while driving, total consumption. These data are extremely important for the agriculturural fleet manager due to the impact of fuel prices on the cost of the works. Therefore, precise information on fuel consumption, work exclusively in the area of ​​interest, and constant monitoring give companies in the agricultural sector the opportunity to reduce operational costs