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The main reasons for paying out insurance are traffic accidents and theft. There are at least 7 million cases of stolen vehicles worldwide each year, and that number is constantly growing. The numbers in traffic accident statistics are even higher. Real-time monitoring, alerts when an attempted theft or crash is detected, and the ability to track accidents - all help identify the culprit and reduce costs when an unforeseen event occurs.

Example of event reconstruction

The reason for creating a special report (standard reports can be made by the user in MobTrack:24 application) is a traffic accident that happened two days before. All data that are part of the report are in the system, and all reports (information, maps, charts) are made using the MobTrack:24 fleet management system.

In addition to general vehicle data (vehicle type, registration) and GPS tracking device, the report contains detailed data on the distance traveled (time the vehicle was switched on, engine started and started, engine stopped, distance traveled and average speed).

vehicle speed graph

Data on driving speed and its duration are given through numerical values and graphical display:
Podaci o brzini vožnje i njenom trajanju dati su kroz numeričke vrednosti i grafički prikaz:

  • Driving time at speeds less than 80 km/h: 23:31 (minutes:seconds)
  • Driving time at speeds greater than 80 km/h: 26:26
  • Driving time at speeds greater than 90 km/h: 17:03
  • Driving time at speeds greater than 100 km/h: 6:45
  • Average speed: 79 km/h
  • Maximal speed: 110 km/h (5:16:49, location – between Njegoševo and Bagremovo)
graphical display of vehicle movement over 100 km/h

The location of the vehicle at the time of departure from the road, as well as driving parameters immediately before the accident, are described in detail: 500m from the intersection of the regional road R108 (Bačka Topola - Bečej, direction to Bečej) and the local road Srbobran - Mileševo.

Speeds immediately (last three measured speeds) before departure from the road (in the last 600m):

  • 600 m before departure: 100 km/h
  • 320 m before departure: 103 km/h
  • moment of departure: 104 km/h

Average speed just before departure (in the last 600m): 102.3 km/h

Vehicle speed when departing the road: 104 km/h

Distance between the last two positions of the device message (place of departure from the road and the assumed place of stopping the vehicle): about 100m

graphical representation of the place of departure, 2D display with telemetry data

closer, 3D view of the place of departure

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