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Transport and logistics

MobTrack:24 is connected to TimoCom, the most important transportation platform in Europe. MobTrack:24 users can also track vehicles in TimoCom's eMap system. In this way, transport companies can offer customers to whom they transport goods, among other information, information on the position of the vehicle transporting their goods.

MobTrack:24 is designed to enable transporters to efficiently manage operations through two relevant categories: routing and vehicle management and fleet management.

What the user gets?

Routing and vehicle management 

  • record of driving hours
  • number of hours spent without driving, with the engine running
  • driver profile
  • driver identification via iButton and RFID
  • travel reports
  • route progress
  • reports of visits to points of interest
  • driver behavior report
  • evidencija časova vožnje

Fleet management

  • real time localization (roaming)
  • current position on Google Maps
  • speed and direction of travel
  • online status: standing or moving
  • entry / exit from the geofencing zone (predefined zone of allowed movement)
  • CAN bus information
  • temperature and door sensors
  • consumption reports: at rest, on the move, total
  • refueling reports
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