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Green (eco) driving



Unnecessary acceleration, aggressive braking and sudden turns? Not anymore!

Function MobTrack:24 Eco-driving provides the fleet manager with a simple set of tools to monitor and improve the driving style of the vehicle, with minimal investment. No need for expensive accessories, modern GPS devices do whatever it takes.

In addition to increased economy, the user can expect a drop in maintenance costs, because by adhering to the principle of green driving, wear on the brakes, vehicle chassis, engine and transmission are also reduced.

The function is applicable to all types of vehicles: passenger, light delivery and freight.

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Driving style analysis on maps

Each time an unnecessary acceleration, braking or turning of the vehicle is identified, the event is displayed on the map as a colored dot, which, at the additional request of the user, offers more detailed information about the event itself.

Measurement method
Vehicle signalization

Green (ecological) driving data is sent to the system together with other messages. Based on this data, it is possible to make reports that show driving style, and it is possible to set alerts for situations that the user finds alarming. In addition, it is possible to install audible and/or light signals in the vehicle itself, which warn the driver of an inappropriate driving style.

Big profits with minimal investment
Costs for the introduction of green driving systems
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