System functionalities



Like the most systems on the market and MobTrack 24 has some of the basic functionality of a modern system for fleet management:

  • Up to date information on the situation of the vehicle: determining the precise location, current speed and direction of movement of vehicles (cars, trucks, ships, planes, transportation / working machines) or groups of vehicles in real time
  • Precise data about the address (reverse geocoding): for all areas, in which the data оf address system are given up to the house number, it is possible to display the exact address (street, house number) where the vehicle was located at a certain moment
  • Movement of vehicles on high-quality and up to date maps
  • Monitoring levels and fuel consumption: installing fuel level sensor it is possible to monitor the level of fuel consumption, and thus prevent the possible misuse
  • Alarms and reporting: MobTrack 24 has the ability to alarm pre-defined events that signal the exit from the standard way of use of the vehicle, as well as online and offline reporting within the application or sending the e-mail users
  • Location-based reports: Reports based on the location of the vehicle provide insight of attendance certain location, mileage, or time spent on a specific location or area. In this way can be clearly detected irregularities, especially in the use of official vehicles for private purposes
  • Different formats of the report: all generated reports can be exported to .pdf, .doc, .xls, .html format
  • Precise data on the use of vehicles: MobTrack 24 not only monitors the location of the vehicle, but also a number of additional parameters that can generate data on the use of vehicles: average speed, acceleration, speeding, sudden braking and cornering
  • Notice of leaving the pre-defined zone (geofencing function): MobTrack 24 automatically generates and sends a notice of the time when the vehicle is out of the zone, which is defined in advance as a work zone. Defining the working zone is performed by the user.

However, what makes MobTrack:24 different from other solutions is listening of customers and their needs and development of specialized functions: