System advantages



  • Partner company MapSoft ( is a leader in the field of GIS and one of the largest providers of spatial data in Serbia. This allows us to very quickly, if necessary, carry out a series of specific services that may be relevant to user company's operations (locating all objects of interest in the area with high accuracy, realtime geocoding location for delivery, production of specialized maps only for the needs of certain companies, etc.).

  • The specificity of the system MobTrack: 24 is the quality and openness of the solution as well as high reliability devices that we offer. We believe that devices we are using are of the highest quality and most reliable because they are manufactured in several hundred thousand copies, tested and certified in the EU, have all the permits and the necessary certificates for use in Serbia, using advanced algorithms, plug & play connection to CAN, the ability to connect with navigation, etc.

  • Solving the most complex tasks in the field of telemetry - in addition to the basic monitoring through the use of high-quality GPS / GPRS devices as well as their own development, system MobTrack:24 enables the monitoring of a number of additional parameters - engine speed, hydraulic operation, the temperature of the cooling liquid, engine oil pressure, acceleration, fuel level ranging from car tanks to large volume tanks (tens of thousands of liters) on ships, etc.


MobTrack24 can be used as:

  • Independent system for optimization tasks related to logistics
  • A solution that integrates existing system and thus the efficiency of the system rises to the next level (eg. can be used for real-time functions of the system, monitoring the realization of planned tasks, gives information on the use of vehicles, etc.).


Concerning integration with information systems of companies, it is important to point out the following facts:

  • MobTrack 24 is totally domestic solution (developed by MapSoft and Mobile Solutions), which creates the possibility for us to respond to the specific requirements of the company, because the whole development is under our control. The solution is developed using the most advanced software tools on modern architecture to allow integration with the company's business information system (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Pantheon, etc.).
  • Connection is made with Transport Manager program developed by Cycle company from Belgrade. This integration gives a special quality to both systems, because in this way simple and efficient control of work (travel) accounts is done, so the insight into how vehicles are used is better.