Route planning

Route planning


Since June 2014 company Mobile Solutions, within the system of GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking MobTrack:24, offers a new service - MobTrack:24 Route planning. We have created a new product that incorporates a module for locating, tracking and monitoring of vehicles, reporting features and route planner. Integrated solution for GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking and routing facilitates the work of transport, industrial and commercial clients.

With this module we have created the possibility to quickly, accurately and efficiently plan deliveries or visits by the sales persons. Through the system managers can manage the transport fleet, plan the business, compare planned and carried out tasks, with efficient integration with existing information systems and minimum of investing.

MobTrack:24 Route planning is a model for optimal routing through a process that requires accuracy and precision, along with finding optimal routes for vehicles to traveled as low as possible, while complying with all preconditions specified by this solution user. This is a solution for companies that want to optimize their transport activities, as well as to analyze realization results.


MobTrack: 24 Route planning is a tool for operational level of transport optimization. This module is a modern tool for defining and monitoring of key indicators of transportation companies engaged in transport and logistics. Users have a wide range of available reports or the ability to create their own, to track all the important aspects of the business, with the cost covered.

Standard features of MobTrack:24 Route planning are travel orders for the driver, plans and maps, as well as statistical route data, with reports of unrealized routes and time assumptions, with a precise overview of transport and utilization of human resources. It enables the modeling of transport routes while increasing service quality and reducing transport routes.

planiranje rute 


With algorithmic analysis of transport routes, MobTrack:24 Route planning enables definition of the optimal paths, size and structure of the fleet, as well as an analysis of each item of individual routes. It is possible to create an efficient transportation plan and adjust the transport route in accordance with the needs of business, with the issuance of work orders and implementation monitoring.

Interactive graphics system allows easy understanding and editing of transportation routes, with enabled order changes and input of assumed parameters and the necessary changes in order to optimize transport costs.

Functionalities of MobTrack:24 Route planning module are:

  • Management of points of interest
  • Open interface that allows communication with a WMS, that is users ERP, and integration with the user information system in the process of routing
  • Selection of the optimal schedule of the tour locations
  • Finding the optimal route between the given location
  • Creation od delivery plans of a single vehicle, group of vehicles or the whole fleet
  • Generating of travel, or work order for the driver that contains the logistic parameters - starting time of driving, mileage and travel time to the location
  • Checking of implementation of the planned orders by comparison with the realized route by several criteria (deviation from the odometer, exceeding the driving time or downtime at the site, the deviation in the order of visiting the sites, leaving the predefined route between locations, etc.)
  • The possibility of tabel presentation, as well as map display


Limitation: at this point the only criterion for optimal route selection is the location of the user.



By using our system customers get the opportunity to optimize transportation costs, organize the transport zone and improve customer service. The module is designed for a wide range of users:

  • Companies that do not have clear plans for use of the vehicle. Users can use this module to analyze driving and on that basis to realize whether drivers use the optimal paths between the locations at which they stopped
  • Companies that have located the objects they are visiting, but no precise delivery plans. These users can use routing module to check the movement of vehicles in relation to the location of interest (POI), as well as to check whether routes are optimal
  • Companies where sufficient criterion for the optimization of planning is location of the user that is shortest or fastest times. In this case it is required that, in addition to the location of points of interest, user provides a list of vehicles that at a given time should visit the site. Optimization of the tour order and the selection of optimal route, as well as control of performance will be done by MobTrack:24 Route planning.


Route planning module may be also used by companies that do not have procedures for manual or automatic process for vehicle optimization. The system is applicable to companies that do not have precise plans for the use of vehicles, nor the exact geographical position of locations vehicles are visiting.

For more advanced use of the system it is needed to locate all the objects (points of interest) that are interesting to the user.

The most advanced way of using the module is an integration of the MobTrack:24 Route planning with the information system of the users. In this way plans for the vehicles tour can be retreieved from the information system and then optimized by routing system. In this case it is necessary to provide IT resources in order to integrate the two systems.