Rent a car

Efficient management of vehicles, their better usage, possible reduction of insurance rate as a result of reduced risk and maintainance of the value of the vehicles are essential components in the management of vehicles by the rent-a-car companies. Maintaining of the vehicle value is very important for an investor who is trying to get maximum value for the vehicle that was rented. The remaining value of the vehicle is determined by the way in which the car was handled. Maintenance costs are directly dependent on the behavior of the driver/customer.

Why should the rent-a-car companies use MobTrack:24 system?

  • safety of the rented vehicle
  • real time monitoring
  • defining the area where one can drive (eg. the territory of Serbia)
  • SMS notification when exiting from this area
  • remotely disabling the next drive in case of theft
  • SMS message to client, directly from the system
  • penalty fee if the customer drives outside the authorized areas
  • penalty fee to the client for aggressive behavior while driving