Integration with user business system

Integration with user business systems


In order to integrate with business information system of the users it is necessary, in addition to modern system architecture, a good analysis of user needs, and understanding of its business processes. Below are specific examples of successful integration with business information systems of three MobTrack:24 users from different business domains.   


This example demonstrates integration of MobTrack:24 with business information system of DIS company. Following processes are taken into account:

  • Vehicle usage control
  • Control of the process of fuel tanking

  • Monitoring of the cold chain delivery of goods
  • Computation of elements for payment of salaries

  • Reports for company management and

  • Assistance to drivers in emergency situations.


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Beside integration with DIS ERP, integration is also done with system for fuel evidence (Petrolsoft). After this integration vehicle cannot leave the gas station unless verification of fuel tanking is done by MobTrack:24 system.


Beside tracking and control of vehicle usage, integration is done with business system so tracking of planned tasks is now enabled. Data gathered from MobTrack:24 system are (apart from mileage and driving time) working time of crane and time that engine works without moving.

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average retention at points of interest (in 24h period) 


After integration, users of MobTrack:24 system can track the vehicle also in eMap system from Timocom company, the leader in transport management. In that way companies dealing with goods delivery can offer to their clients information about position of the vehicle transporting goods in real-time.

 TC MSolutions

Information flow has become much shorter and more efficient, because all vehicles are visible on the platform for business partners.