Civil engineering

Civil engineering companies perform complex tasks on the opening, maintenance, operation or closure of the construction site. All these operations generate significant costs, so by the efficient management of these resources significant cost savings and increase of profits can be achieved. Costs relating to vehicles and equipment are the most important (driver wages, fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs). If there are also unavoidable costs of fuel theft, unauthorized driving and time spent out of site, the situation could become worrying for managers.

Having this in mind, MobTrack 24 represents a valuable and indispensable instrument for fleet managers in an effort to keep things under control by allowing:

  • monitoring of all activities of vehicle: current position, stopping, waiting, driving
  • prevention of theft of fuel and unauthorized driving
  • recording of working hours and the duration of the operations
  • generation of alarm when exiting a predefined area
  • identification of drivers
  • data collection via the CAN bus
  • connection with door sensors contact
  • fleet safety: panic button, remote prevention of subsequent driving