Green driving

Green driving

Every time you accelerate unnecessarily, your vehicle consumes an additional amount of fuel; whenever unnecessary braking, you need to re-accelerate. Now, with the help of the MobTrack:24 system, you will be able to follow these events on a map and analyze them through the appropriate reports.

ekoloska voznja

Analysis of driving style on the map

Each time you identify unnecessary acceleration, braking or turning vehicle, the event is shown on the map as colored dot that can provide additional, detailed information about the event on user request.

Method of measurement

Here we must pay attention to the units used for measuring different events. The unit for measuring acceleration and braking is km/h/s, ie how much the speed is changed in one second. The value of the braking force at the following figure is given as 34 km/h/s, which means that the force used for the necessary braking is equal to force needed to completely stop the car traveling at 102 km/h in just 3 seconds.


The unit used to measure aggressive driving in a curve is "degrees per second". In the given example it  means that in one second the car changes direction by 95 degrees, while at the same time, the car maintains a speed of 40 km/h. Here's what these data actually mean: with this speed, it takes less then 1 second to turn the vehicle 90 degree. Pretty sharp turn!



There are two types of reports: the first provides daily balance of eco-driving event, and the second provides an overview of all events during a selected period of time and especially mark in green those vehicles with performances better than the average, while the vehicles behaving worse than the average of the colored in red.


Despite the large number of events ("acceleration", "brake", "turns"), a great value for your company, with minimal investment, are the reports and relations of events with respect to the distance. As you can imagine, there is a difference if the 10 events essential for the ecological driving occurs within 10 kilometers covered (1 event per 1km) or per 100 kilometers (0.1 events per 1 km).

Signalization in vehicle

Data on the green (ecological) driving along with other messages are sent to the system. Based on these data, it is possible to generate reports that show the style of driving, but also alerts for situations that the user finds alarming. In addition, it is possible to install in the vehicle acoustic and/or light signalization which warns the driver to improper driving style.

Benefits - great value for your company with minimum investments

In addition to increasing efficiency, you can expect a drop in the cost of maintenance because, adhering to the principles of green driving, vehicle chassis, engine and gearbox are also reduced.
At the same time, it is also important to avoid situations in which a driver driving a car with company's logo shows excessively aggressive and sloppy driving style, which can also harm the reputation of the company.

Expenses for the company for green driving

Function MobTrack:24 Eco-driving provides a fleet manager a simple set of tools for monitoring and improving the driving style of the vehicle with minimal investment. There is no need for any expensive additional equipment, since modern GPS devices can do everything you need.