Fuel level measurement

Fuel level monitoring

Several methods are used to read the fuel level in the tank: reading data from the vehicle system using the CAN bus, read data from highly precise analog and digital high-resolution fuel level sensors which can count temperature correction.

When it comes to processing of measured data, it is possible to create reports that automatically detect sudden re-fueling and inform the users about that, as well as special reports that provide a summary of consumption by vehicles, groups of vehicles and the entire fleet of vehicles.

In addition to passenger cars, buses, trains, airplanes, boats, particularly are interesting experience with trucks installed fuel level sensors, as well as tugboats and ships on which we monitor levels and fuel consumption in the reservoirs, which have up to 30,000 liters of fuel.


The image below contains three graphical overviews showing:

  1. tabular report of measured re-fueling (unauthorized dispensing of fuel)
  2. moment of unauthorized re-fueling
  3. location where re-fueling took place (click on the graph, ie. the place where fuel consumption line drops sharply)