Airplane tracking

Airplane tracking

As the partner company MapSoft is the leader in spatial data acquisition by photogrammetric method decision to track the position of airplane used for aerial imaging is clear example of improvement of flying service.

Installation of the tracking device is the same as with any other vehicle: built-in device is powered with batteries and placed in the instrument panel. If there is loss of GSM signal at higher altitudes, the unit will temporarily stop with data sending, but all data will be stored in the internal memory of the GPS device. Transfer of all stored data to the server will be executed in the moment when GSM connections is established again. 

realized flight presented in MobTrack:24 application

Possibility of data export to KML and CSV format gives opportunity for better flight planning and clean overview of flight realization (overall time of flying, fuel consumption, speed and flying height...).

 2D overview of realized flying path 


 3D overview of realized flying path