About us

Welcome to Mobile Solutions

Long term experience in the fields of geomatics and location based services brought to foundation of Mobile Solution company in 2008. We think that location based service scenario like satellite tracking and vehicle monitoring is should be based on well organized system with up-to-date spatial data, sofisticated software and people devoted to development through easila understandable user interface. That is what we have developed MobTrack:24 – system for tracking and monitoring moving objects. Since 2008 we are working with more then 200 companies from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, BiH and Hungary. We become one of the leaders in this field in Serbia. Beside own sales network, our service is offered by Telenor Serbia and T-Mobile Montenegro (Mobile Solution is an exclusive partner of T-Mobile). Thanks to the geomatics and LBS experts we are able to solve very specific and complex tasks and user demands.


To bring services based on location to wider range of users.


To reach this vision step by step by carefully selecting the ones techologically, organizationally, economically achiveable.

Experts in the fields of geoinformatics and location based services
mr Miloš Vojinović
Team manager of MobTrack:24 development.
dr Dragan Mihajlović
System development (spatial data).
dr Željko Cvijetinović
System development (software architecture).
Momir Mitrović
System management (software design).
Vlada Stošković
Sales manager.
Dejan Maričić
Service department
Service of GPS devices, development of specific devices used for tracking of additional parameters.
Nikola Kovačević
IT sector
Manager of development team.
Ivan Pušica
IT sector
Maps and GIS functionalities in application.
Igor Nedeljković
Marketing and contact with partners.
Saša Bijelić
Service department
GPS services installation and maintenance.